Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Charge up them Smokes! I'm Pimpin' ECigs.

One of my Geek pals, Linc, tried out eCigs for the first time just recently.  He, like myself is trying out different products, and finding different results.  I spent a bit of time and money on different products, and have found varied results.  One common thread is true for most people that really enjoy their "Vaping". They usually get their own juice to refill their ecigs, and an ecig setup that will let them fill it up on their own. Below is pretty much the setup that I'm using. I'm sure it'll change, but this would get a person a good start without much money invested.

If you've tried the 510 sets that are sent out for free, please, don't judge vaping from them.  I have found some ecigs at retail stores, such as WalMart, KMart and Pilot Truck stops that weren't to bad, but I wouldn't really recommend them.

And yes, if you do click on the links to the store,  I'll get some credit from the online store that I've used for this article.  I don't pimp affiliate stuff much, these are products that I have bought and have used.


$20 bucks, not bad to get into it I've bought two of these so that I could have one charging and one in use. Having a backup USB charger isn't a bad thing either.
A Cigarette Starter kit.  The CE4 Quick Starter Kit

A great way to trial the best of all worlds.  The CE4 Quick Starter Kit includes your battery, quick USB charger, and CE4 cartomizer.  Just add e-liquid and you are all set!

I like the cartomizers  shown below a little better than the ones in the CE4 starter kit. They don't seem to get plugged up as much, and aren't as "leaky". I tend to overfill, and have to go wash off my cigarette, if I'm not paying attention.

Pack of 5 cartomizers
These cartomizers have a white filler in them like traditional cartomizers.  Simply remove the included tip, fill with e-liquid, and enjoy.

The ECHO  cartomizer is cone shaped and compatible with eGo/eGo T batteries 3.7V-6V.  Good vapor production and throat hit are a key feature of this unit.  Extremely simple to fill with your favorite e-Liquid.

Now about the different eJuice's out there, there's quite a few, but here's a few that I liked. I'm not much into the Menthol thing.
The flavors that I like, but I will still experiment around with other flavors, are Grape, Cream a couple of the Vanilla flavors.

Vanilla Madness VG edition

If you've got a recommendation for a Battery and Cartomizer setup, let me know, I'm open to trying out more products.


  1. Hey Randy, what do you think of the Joye eGO setup ? I do alot of my smoking sitting at my keyboard, mostly they burn up in the ashtray...LOLz Am thinking about Ecig alternative as it's mostly habit as opposed to nic fix...You can email me at randiroo at gmail

    1. That's pretty much what the starter kit is, in this post. What could be distracting about these, is that you have to push a button on them. Some of the other little ecigs, don't require that. That's something that I'd prefer when I'm at a keyboard. While watching TV or driving, it's not a biggie, as one usually has their hand on the smoke anyway.

  2. The one I was looking at said it was automatic, no button, I assumed it was puff and go:

    Joye 510 Mega Kit

    Automatic Battery, no switch to press

    The Joye 510 Mega Kit features longer lasting 280mah batteries as well as cartridges that can store twice as much liquid. Your mega kit will spend less time on the charger and more time where you want it.

    Ya, I posted the wrong one 8-(

    1. I've not tried it, but yes I do like my Ego setup. But you're right, the button is something that I could do without.

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