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Synopsis of Me - Resume

Dear Hiring manager(s),

I'd like to introduce myself to you as a geek, a jack of all kinds of geek trades, but not a master in any niche. I know enough to be able to Google and read up on a situation, and if that fails, I have a group of online geek professionals that can often lend advice as to where to find the answers. There is no way that one person can know everything about computing, and the ins and outs.  Suffice it to say that I've had most of my experience on the desktop, as that's where I find myself learning or relaxing while not on the job most of the time. I enjoy to learn new things, and experiment around with them. Some might call that hacking. I call it learning, or a Do It Yourself project.  I've had a computer since the 80's, and have enjoyed tearing them apart or putting them together, and running various operating systems on them from the old 3.x MS-Dos to today, where I spend most of my chosen time in a Linux Desktop environment.

I'm a curious person, outgoing, and tend to liven up a room with smiles. I also think of myself as a "people person".

Thanks for your time,

Randy Noseworthy
Lakewood, OH 44107

Qualified IT professional with variety of software, hardware, and networking knowledge.
Exceptional teamwork and leadership skills.
Efficient troubleshooter with commitment to a lifetime of learning.

Deskside Technician - Stefanini     Jan 2012 - present
Supporting Windows 7 upgrade, Microsoft Office, McAfee Antivirus
Troubleshoot Printers, Laptops and Desktops

PC Technician – Peak Systems Nov 2012 - Dec 2012
Windows 7 PC refresh including PC deployments and installs.
USMT / WET and other software tools to move users data from old PC to new PC.
Train users how to access their new computers and access their programs

PC Technician – Pomeroy March 2012 – Sept 2012
Perform all break/fix/preventative maintenance support for PC's, SmartBoards and audio/visual equipment and peripheral equipment
Provide software support including software troubleshooting, testing and installations
Assist with technology assessments and inventory as needed
Distribute (install, setup, tear down, relocate) technology within the schools in accordance to the schools needs and District goals
Install and or replace PC's and Printers on the school's network
Help resolve network connectivity issues.

PC Consultant - (part time)                        1990 – Until Dead
Setup and install complete computer systems.
Removal of Spyware and Malware.
Repair hardware failures and software conflicts.
Install and setup Local Area Networks, home routers, WiFi.
Setup Internet access programs, POP and IMAP mail readers.
Troubleshoot systems failures and repair or replace hardware.
Recommend and Install Upgrades to Hardware or Software.
Train and give overview on newly installed software programs

Truck Driver 1999 - 2012
Performed all duties Required of an Over The Road driver, operate tow lift, hand jacks,
secure loads, keep drivers daily log, ensure bills of lading are correct.

Technical Services – Arthrotek 1999
Processed inbound medical equipment for service, prepared  inbound and outbound equipment for shipping. Shipping Clerk,
Bench Tested ultrasonic surgical equipment for usability.
Conducted Warranty calls on equipment repairs.

Internet Researcher – Semilogic 1998 - 1999
Webmaster, performed minor web site design and upkeep, minor HTML editing.
Alpha test software, Report Bugs.
Manipulate graphic images

Senior Field Service Rep - Gtech   1986 - 1998
Retailer Tech Support.
Install Lottery equipment and train retailers on use at install.
Maintain all supplies, such as ticket stock, retailer documents, etc.
Maintain monthly service route to all retailers to ensure that all their needs are being met and answer any questions they might have.
Acted as a local liaison with California State Lottery office regarding retailer and lottery concerns.
Responsible for all training and delegation of service duties to personnel in region.
Taught and managed new technicians

Master Crew Chief - U.S. Air Force 1982 - 1986
Eielson Air Force Base, Last Duty station.
Held Secret Security Clearance
Supervision of pre-flight and post-flight aircraft inspections.
Trained and Managed other aircraft maintenance personnel.
Used all forms of Aircraft Support Equipment

CompTIA A+ Certification.- Computer Technician
Dell Certified Systems Expert (DCSE)
Video Cameraman Course - Short college course on how to be a Cameraman
Retailer Awareness Training – Taught techniques to deal with retailers and employees in the field.
Train the Trainer – Taught techniques to train retailers on equipment
Human Relations Training – Taught techniques to handle situations with difficult retailers.
On-line Communications – Taught techniques for troubleshooting phone line problems with terminals.

Operating Systems:
MS Dos 3.x, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 98, Linux on Desktops, Android, Blackberry

Dell and HP Desktop and Laptop Computers including, but not also limited to Lottery Terminals, Modems, Wi-Fi, Network Cards, Monitors, Touch Screens, printers, hard drives, back up units, video cards, mother boards, sound cards, power supplies, Misc PC hardware, Point of Sale Devices, bill acceptors, Optical Mark Readers, data encryption boards and other internal parts, etc.

GHOST, Microsoft Easy Transfer, USMT, Clonezilla,  IE, Firefox, Chrome, Libre Office, Anti Virus / Malware, Inkscape, MS Office, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop 4, Paintshop 8, VLC, create and edit Batch files. Modify script files.

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