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Places where I can be Found 

Updated Jan 2019
MeWe:  Connect to me / Invite.   mewe.com/i/randynoseworthy

Twitter:  @Randynose  OR  https://twitter.com/RandyNose

Diaspora* ID  randynose@pluspora.com OR invite https://pluspora.com/i/ab84042a9d09

Mastodon:  @randynose@fosstodon.org OR https://fosstodon.org/@randynose
                    Backup Account  https://mastodon.opportunis.me/@RandyNose

Plurk:  @TheNose100 https://www.plurk.com/TheNose100
                      Now if anyone thought that G+ was dead...  They need to check out Plurk!. 

G+  =  Doesn't matter any more. Those BASTARDS! 

FB  =   Who cares! I have an account, but don't use it. 

I also have a couple of Blogs that I've not tended to for some time. Like this one, and RadomizedRadio.  I ought to do more with this place, if I only had more time. 

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