Thursday, August 22, 2013

Don't become unglued, become part of Reglue.

[Edited and Updated to Reflect Changes in the main .iso file]

I'm honored to be able to freely contribute to the Reglue project.
(Humble bow) 
For What it's worth, the official OS of Reglue is SolusOS.

I've done up a re-spun Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon LTS DVD .iso file for the Reglue project. What this rather large .iso file has in it is a few extra educational packages vs the Stock Mint LTS DVD.  Oh, and I did take the liberty of putting a different desktop background on it that I fiddled into existence with the help of the GIMP. 

If you want something smaller for that old PC that doesn't do USB Boots or only has a CD Rom, I also created a smaller CD sized .iso of Mint 13 that you can get here. I Know I Removed:

LibreOffice-core, Tomboy Notes, Mono-Common, Java-Common, Braseo, Thunderbird, Banshee, and the GIMP. (On an offhand note, if you're looking for a 'buntu distro that fits on CD, you might want to take a look at Peppermint.) I highly suggest that you re-install the Java-Common packages, after install, even if you're not a LibreOffice user.

On Both of my re-spin Disks the user name is mint with a blank password.

Username: mint 

You'll get the Gnome Classic Desktop by default. And, you'll have to use the terminal to exit the the Gnome Fallback mode, as it doesn't have a log off button ANYWHERE by default. Why that is, is beyond me, but it seem to be a horrible oversight. Horrible.
But you can exit the session with the command line [ gnome-session-quit ] to get to the login screen. 

You can choose a different desktop session from the log on screen, so if you don't get Cinnamon by default, try logging on with Cinnamon enabled. After all that was the point of this adventure, was for me to respin Mint 13 LTS with more packages installed by default, so that Ken / wouldn't have to install them on their project. 

If you plan on installing the larger disk .iso in a VM keep in mind that you'll have to adjust the default disk size from 8 gig to at least 9.

Some of the packages installed are

Google Chrome
Tux Math
Tux typing
Play On Linux
Wine Tricks
Edubuntu  for Grade schooler

And a few more, I didn't keep track of all of them. :/   One note of caution, due to having enabled the backports is that upgrading might seem a bit convoluted, once installed, run mintupdate, twice. If you make the mistake that I did, I logged back on with the Gnome Classic desktop and found myself with nothing more than the Computer Icon, and Home folder Icon. Luckily the right click on the desktop brought up the terminal in Nemo, so I could log off. Then log in with the Cinnamon Desktop. You might also want to make sure that you've upgraded the 

I did find that many of the file associations were not quite right either. Not sure if there was a way to fix that readily from Mintconstuctor, but it would be a good thing to fix. The Good and Bad of the new desktop is that I found that my Wallpapers weren't there by default any longer. They're easy enough to add, but it's still a sniggly pain. There are more wallpapers in the \root\reglue folder. A Ctrl-Right Click will allow you to add them at one time. Not sure if updating or DL the Theme's packages again would fix that issue for the default wallpapers. I think it might. One of the new features in the wallpaper options is to be able to chose a gradient background of two colors. I included two transparent backgrounds in the \reglue-extra folder along with some others so one could take advantage of that.  I can only get the desktop to resize properly in Gnome Classic mode, so here's a screenshot of that.

You can grab the larger Reglue LTS CinaNemo.iso here.

Enjoy! Comments here or on G+ are welcome. 

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