Sunday, May 11, 2008

Upgrading to Ubuntu 8.04 = Problem(s)

I had upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04, and wasn't happy with the replacement of Firefox 2 to the Beta Version of Firefox 3, as it doesn't support the add-ons that I like. Specifically Tiny URL creator, and the Google Toolbar. While I might have been able to get them to install if I changed the Browsers ID tag, I didn't want to HAVE to do that. So, after adding and removing the browsers, I noticed I couldn't launch a link from Thunderbird or from Tomboy notes. I got the error "there was an error launching default action command for this location" So after a little research I discovered that Firefox no longer launched as "firefox %s" but rather as "firefox-2 %s". Changing the default browser in the System > Preferences > Perfered Applications Menu (Internet Tab) to reflect this change fixed the error.

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