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Elena: Snapvine - Help Ticket

Elena: Snapvine

Elena's Snapvine RSS feed.

This a quick post for a friend of mine, she's asking about how to get a podcast going, as she's been using, and that's all fine and dandy, it's quick and simple, and one can call into their account to leave a message. A few of my geek trucking friends, and those that like some of us truckers (it's nice that the industry has outside supporters, :) ) have used this service, as another meeting point. Sorta like Twitter but with your voice.

But basicly, what one needs to get their own Cyber Radio, Podcast, Netcast, or what ever name one wants to call it. Off of the ground, they need to have a Blog of some sort that they can post messages to such as this one. OR any other Myriad of bloging tools out there. MySpace and FaceBook I think are out, as they aren't easy to add to an RSS / Podcatcher aggrigator.

I personally like Blogger for a freebie Bloging tool. There are many tools out there that work with it, Next on my list would be a Free WordPress Blog, as that's one of the tools that I'm trying to learn how to use, and it's got many tools to go with it. There are others tools that can be used, and I'm not familiar with them, so I won't talk about them. I did some easy math on that problem. :P Ok, Now that a person has a Blog that is RSS compatable, they need to find a place to host the files. - Unless Blogger lets you UL a file to their site. - ? I don' think that they do. A person could also get a "basic with your own domain name account" via or Godaddy, and they both provide a basic Blog that will host the files for you, for next to nothin' or for the cost of registering a domain through them. - These Blogs and the blogging tools do have some limitations, but they do work, and would be a great place to start and learn "how to." AND, your content is still yours, without giving up the rights to your content and you're not subject to the whims of an outside blogging hosting site.

But for the freebie not ready to comit 20-40 bucks... read on.

Now we've got a Blog that can be easily caught by BashPodder, iTunes, or FeedDeamon or Juice or gPodder or Amarok, or WinAmp.... or... LifeRea or Google Reader.... But we don't have a place to host the files.

File hosting. Free, and easy enough to link to. I don't use them, and they also hose the file name, but it's free, and if you don't care if your podcast is called 7G8M4.mp3 or VvV41Gg.mp3 or some other odd file name, it'll work for you. I'm picky about that kind of thing, so for me it would be a show stopper. - Or try - I had problems with with their flash uploader and my Linux machine, but if you're running Window's it ought to work for you just fine. - (I'll be booting up my windows machine sometime this week as there are some windows things that I need to do, and I've not turned on that machine for almost 3 months. Yea, I love my Linux, but I've still got some Windows issues, - I'm seeking therapy, via , and other Linux NetCasts... ) But back about They will allow 1 Terrabyte of data of storage online. And it has ITS issues also. :P But for a learning experiance, and the price of your time and effort and being free to use, it's not a bad place to try out.

BUT the Lowcost site will allow you to FTP or create a Wordpress blog. - GoDaddy, as great as they might be, is getting hard to navigate with all of their adds. And thier (GoDaddy) Freebie Blog wouldn't allow me to FTP files to it. So... And they charge you if you want to keep your domain WhoIs info private. So my pick would be and will be my pick to partner with in the future. But back to the topic I was meaning to put into this paragraph. (ok so my 5 min reply to Elena has taken longer, as my mental wheels are rolling and I can't sleep when they do... )

..... to be continued and/or expanded upon....

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