Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Single on/off switch for conky - Ubuntu Forums

And oldie but goody from the Ubuntu Forums. While I was looking for a command line switch to turn conly on or off, I found this:
[save the file in your home folder, and name it something like Conky-on-off.sh]

Single on/off switch for conky - Ubuntu Forums:
"Single on/off switch for conky Here's a simple script to turn conky on and off. Just copy the script to a empty text file and make it executable(properties>permissions)->


# click to start, click to stop

if pidof conky | grep [0-9] > /dev/null
exec killall conky
exec conky


Then just create a single launcher for it(right click panel/desk) and point it to what ever you named your file, add a icon and your all set. I use mine so i can change my .conkyrc to try things and skip using the terminal to kill conky and start conky, clicking on the icon is way faster.
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