Saturday, May 08, 2010

Linux Mint 9 (RC 1) 1st post.

I downloaded and installed Linux Mint 9 RC LTS. - As it's the Release Candidate I expected to find some bugs in it here and there. But so far, nothing painful has cropped up. I am pleasantly surprised.  -  No, the Buttons weren't on the left side of the window, but that would be easy enough to change even if they were.  Also, it's a Long Term Support Release, I've been thinking that I want to go the LTS route for now.  I'll get this setup tweaked and  don't plan on doing anything major with it for a couple of years.
Sure, I might put something else on another partition, if my time allows.

I Went with Mint, just due to some of the things that it Does have that Ubuntu doesn't.  And didn't include things that I didn't care about.  Such as the Evolution Email client.  Ripping that out of Ubuntu is sorta painful and causes issues.  Since I use Thunderbird, IF I use a desktop email program (and I do, from time to time, to "backup" messages.  It fits me better. Since I DO want to watch a movie, or use MP3 files,  I don't have to add that feature, as it's already "in there".

I did a fresh install, and will be testing it some more, I have a little used install of Karmic, that will most likely be blown away. I expect to keep my Intrepid version on a little longer, as it "just worked" minus some sound card issues.

So far I've:

Installed Chrome:  And added extentions: (I might go into these w/ a later post, my fav's and why)

"Fixed" the "Switching workspace with mouse scroll wheel" change that started with Ubuntu Karmic.  Not being a Compiz Guru that's one of those sniggly changes that happens that can get a person to wreak havoc on their system.  "Fixed" Drag a window from one desktop to another. Fixed "back" also.

I'll be adding gPodder, for podcasts that I want to put on my RockBoxed Sansa.  And to separate out some of the podcasts that I like to listen to or stream via Rhythmbox to my Netbook, I'll use Mashpodder and point Rhythmbox to view the files there. These are the non-Tech-Geek podcasts that I want to keep around to listen to on a long term basis. Not that Tech 5 or TLLTS isn't worthy of keeping around, I just don't intend to listen to them over and over.  Such as  Decoder Ring Theatre,  Old Time Radio,  X Minus One, etc...

Well, it seems that I'm out of time with updating my Mint 9 Configuration... Will have more later..
Such as ..  AirLines: A New Bisigi Project Gnome Theme ~ Web Upd8

I've never been good at organization,  so I'm merging photo's and images from one system to the next, and not really needing to KEEP every digital shot that I take with my camera,  So, I'm farting around with the file structure and locations of stuff. Moving from one version to another doesn't help me with my hair brained way of doing things.

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