Monday, May 24, 2010

Think Different, I mean Different! Open Source, Linux... Inspired by MacHEADS... lol

I watched MacHEADS this afternoon, (yea, I don't have a DVD player, and I streamed it to the Wii, it's not a perfect world, LOL).   It's nice to see people have an obsession or be fans of something that's geeky. True, I'm not a Mac fan, but in the history of  Personal Computers, the Mac has played it's part, and in many ways, I'm glad it did.  They upped the ante for Microsoft to create a more usable interface for it's users.  I didn't take to Win 3.x right off, and fought using that danged mouse, but it seemed to be kinda pretty compared to the C:\ prompt. :)  

I recall bouncing around on my C:\ Prompt for my BBS with QFiler (a lot like Norton commander), and using PKZip to help clean up some disk space, and as a sysop that seemed to be the best formula for getting things done. I'd have a simple text editor in Qfiler to edit the BBS config files... and while I'm digressing, BBS's or the good ones, could be used as dos shell in many ways...  

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  1. I was an Xtree Gold fan myself when it came to cleaning up files on my BBS. The one thing I miss from the BBS days that is hard to find on the internet is the sense of community. I have found small doses of it here and there, but not like the local BBSes.

  2. Scott, You're right. Check out Hacker Public Radio, The Linux Link Tech Show, etc... I've got quite a few Linuxy friends, There's also some FaceBook Groups. With todays social network sites, I find it to be a lot more looser, there's quite a few people on IRC, but I've never liked a long term IRC channel open, ect.. I'm to easily distracted already. I've a few friends on /Twitter / /GoogleBuzz /Facebook, most that are on all of the other sites.. It takes a little more work, but you can build it around yourself, rather then being dumped into whatever a BBS had.


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