Sunday, November 07, 2010

Pinguy OS = out-of-the-box operating system for everyone.

So the previous post was about how to re-tweak Ubuntu into more into what you might want, and then there is Pinguy OS. Looks sweet.   I'm still keeping with my Linux Mint 9 LTS. But even I, an Ubuntu fan, am moving elsewhere from the default install.  That's one of the nice things, they're making a stable release over at Canonical, and we're free to tweak the software to our liking.  I'm not to sure how fond I will be of the Unity Desktop or the Gnome Shell desktops, but if I DON'T like them and others don't , I'm sure that XFCE,  LXDE and KDE will find more people moving over to them.  I think that it's too soon to tell, if the KDE changes are any hint of how long it takes for some of the desktops to find a mature and stable level, it might be a year before these other desktops mature enough. LXDE is still young also, so it'll be interesting to see what pans out over the long term. 

From their site:
"Pinguy OS an out-of-the-box working operating system for everyone, not just geeks.

This OS is for people that have never used Linux before or for people that just want an out-of-the-box working OS without doing all the tweaks and enhancements that everyone seems to do when installing a fresh copy of Ubuntu or other Linux based Distro's."

Sorta like Linux Mint. You've got a more usable system with a fresh install.. 

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