Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blogger vs WordPress? I'll take Blogger, you might not.

HA! Right there in the title, I give it away. There is no CLEAR winner with the WordPress vs Blogger debate.

Brad, AKA kPulsed has created a very nice Comparison chart that I'm tempted to steal and post here, but... Well,  someone already asked, and he didn't really say "OK".  I don't blame him. But it IS Really GOOD. It's got that Lovely "Long Tail" or is it Long Trail? That an excellent blob, er Blog Post should have.

Alright. Are you still here? You didn't get lost on that chart? Did you?  But there were a few other items or concerns that weren't listed or mentioned on his chart that I'd like to go over.  Mainly, what if you wanted to host your own blog, on a shared hosting site like GoDaddy or His chart mainly goes over what you can expect for the free services of or Wordpress.Org.

If you haven't noticed. You're reading this on a Blogger Blog. With it's own glitzy domain name.  That Glitzy and handy, domain name cost me $10 bucks a year, and I registered it through the Blogger Dashboard.  It was pretty simple.  It also comes with it's own a handy Google Sites website, if one needs it. But you can get those for free anyway too.  The Google Site, Site (oh man, I'm going to get delirious if I have to keep saying Site, Site) fills the need hosting oddball files, like a handy Linux Reference Card.PDF Or simply a Picture.ZIP. Of course YouTube hosts its onw video files, and can host other media files for you too, if you wish.

  • You don't have to FTP to the site with some kludgey FTP client.
  • You don't have to update your Blog or it's Widgets every other day
  • You don't have to worry if your Shared Hosting server neighbors are sucking up tons of bandwidth, and handing out 404 error's to your site's visitors. 
  • You've got the power of Google Servers.
  • You don't even have to purchase a domain to get all of these benefits. 
Blogger is getting a little more love from Google, and they're adding many more features as time moves along. 

Now from an open source point of view. WordPress IS Open Source, and Blogger is not. I doubt if it ever will be. But either platform will work well. It all depends on if one works better for you then the other.  But for me, I like the ease of use, and stability of Blogger. 


  1. I'd rather choose WordPress rather than Blogger. Moving a Blogger blog on a shared hosting is a pain in the ass unlike WordPress, you can transfer if with just few steps. By the way, 404 and other stuff are the problems of the past in WordPress. Today, all you have to do is post your article and let WordPress do all the technical stuffs.

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  2. For Straight up Blogging, Blogger has all the tools one needs. IF one wants to get a slightly more complicated or sophisticated blog and use some specific tools that WordPress has that Blogger doesn't have, of course they ought to use WP. But they're going to have to shell out the $$ for it.


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