Thursday, March 07, 2013

Ditched By Kate - Album Release.

One of my favorite people that I've met online has been Phil Rossi  (G+). I recall trying to listen to an a live streaming interview with him. I don't even know who was doing the interview, but this was pre-smartphone days, and I was trying to catch the stream while trucking through the bowels of Mississippi on my laptop and Sprint CDMA dongle.  I was able to catch most of it.  At the time, I think that Phil was celebrating the end of his book Crescent. (Amazon, and Podiobook) versions.

I'm not sure how  or when Phil and I connected, but Twitter comes to mind, but needless to say we conversed. Out of those conversations he also wrote a chapter in his Notes From the Vault Episode 15 (Audio) about a truck driver that get's stranded.  Phil asked me for some input to help him out on it, and I did.  He gave me a little nod with that, and I'm forever flattered.

Well, now, it's time for me to give a little nod to him, and his band, Ditched by Kate.  I'm not sure how Phil is able to have any kind of sanity, being a talented as he is, and his mind must be racing with ideas and talent, as he's also a very, VERY accomplished musician.

I for one, will be looking forward his bands release on April 4th.  It'll be available in all of the normal places.  I'll grab my via Google Play, but that's because I'm more of a Googler then anything else.  Please visit their site(s), and listen to and DL some of their soulful music.  They've got some weirdly cool tunes, and some good boogie woogie butt bumping tunes. Each track that I was able to listen to on their site sounded fresh, and well done.

Phil, and the rest of the Gang. Well done. Well done.


  1. Thanks for the pimpage, Randy! I'm the bass player for dbk. Dig the site, and can't wait to read through more posts.

    I'll also have to check out ecigexpress. I primarily buy supplies through MadVapes (eGo 510 with tank and carts) and always looking for good deals.

    Oh, and you may be pleased to hear that there was some OSS used in the production of the album! Some audio processed with Audacity; Inkscape, and Gimp for some of the art and packaging.

    I hope you enjoy the album!


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