Monday, April 13, 2009

Freenode's staffblog - 2007 - March NickServ is your Friend

While Trying to figure out how to recover my password, I ran into this article, and thought that others that are new to IRC might find it useful. - No, I still haven't figured out what I did with that password, but I probably saved it to my Gmail Account, and flushed that saved message out by accident. IMAP is very powerful, LOL...

NickServ Is Your Friend Saturday, March 24th, 2007

Nickserv, unbeknownst to many, has many useful features. In addition to handling nick registration, it allows you to change your password, hide certain information about your nick and online status, recover your nick from another user who is using it (or a dead computer connection), turn on/off the ability to receive and be notified of new memos. Here are some of the major features of nickserv. Don’t be afraid to poke around with /msg nickserv help.

The Whole Entry from the staffblog, 2007 March

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