Saturday, February 05, 2011

Google Analytics, and what good is it to you?

Why would you want to use Google Analytics? - I'm checking it out, and it proves that my sites are woefully lacking in outside interest. - Something I'm wondering on how to fix.  But one has to know what's broken before they fix it.  This is what this site can help you with, and they've got a few cool tools there to target what area's that you want to promote, or at the very least, it'll let you know what posts you've created that have brought traffic to your site.

This is what they say about their site.. 
"Google Analytics provides powerful tracking for anyone with a web presence, whether it be a small hobby website or a giant online enterprise. It's one of the most powerful web analytics solutions on the market - and it's free for anyone to use"
I can tell you from first hand experience, that just because you've gotten a URL that's been "Slash Dotted" it won't mean instant traffic.  First it's got to be a topic that captures a lot of people's interest, and brings them back. And it has to be well presented. 

So, if you're a blogger just trying to figure out what's going on with your site, these tools are great. Blogger has some built in features, that are quite useful,  this is more of those features but on steroids.   

Happy Blog, Navel gazing!


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