Friday, January 21, 2011

Podcasting Woes, Friends and Foes..

Today on Facebook, one of my geeky cool friends Linc (of TLLTS.ORG fame) asked a simple question.. 

"Can someone please point me to a hosting provider that is not a dick?"

I too, had some hosting issues. GoDaddy, 1and1, etc...  These hosting companies make an offer that seems reasonable, and good, etc... and then... WHAM! You've got a podcast that's not getting out, people try to download it, and Phhttziled bandwidth happens.  Back before I gave The oggcast over to Terryf,  I had issues with I had also had issues with GoDaddy  prior to that with my Podcast. 

MY solution? Post your audio files on The Internet Archive.  It's not hard, they're not "assholes", and they'll host your show for you. I've yet to hear a bandwidth problem to be complained about by them, I've yet to see them shut someone off for "honest" content.  And when I say "honest" I'm talking about content that doesn't infringe on some copy write issue.  

 As for the Blog, I'm going to stick with Blogger for most of my blog stuff. Yea, its' not as powerfully configurable as WordPress, but then it's also not as cut down to the nubs as Posterous, and Posterous is nice and simple,  you just can't easily advertise or add AddSense, Adwords etc to it.  So, if you're just a casual blogger/podcaster I'd go with Blogger for your blog, setup your blog for enclosures, use the Flash Widget that Internet Archive gives you, edit the the width of the Flash Widget to something less then the 640 pixels that is in the code, (really not that hard to do, I set my to 440, you just replace the "6" twice in the code) and go on with your life...

Got Questions? Ask them here in the comments! :) 


  1. What was your problem with GoDaddy, I've been using them for a while now withour a problem, but I would like to be ahead of any potential issues.

  2. Dan, it was with their freebie site designer software. It wanted IE or Firefox with on a Windows machine. I don't recall if it work with Firefox under wine or not. But I don't think that it did. It's back when they had their "BlogCast" site designer tools. The only way to get the use of the account was to either log into the account with a windows instance, or upgrade it to a WordPress site that had FTP access. It may or may not be a problem today. But when emailed them about it, they didn't have another solution.


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